As we enter a world dominated by social media and devices, it is important to stay connected to the values of literature and education. However, there have been moments of overlap, as the rise of “Booktube” and “Booktok” have begun, where influencers recommend and discuss the books they have read, want to read, and recommend. These platforms are vast and have many different influencers that meet different tastes, genres, and interests. At first glance, these social media platforms might seem daunting, but here are some accounts that can narrow down your searches and give you some overall recommendations. Give them a look and enjoy the content that they have to offer!

1. Shelly Swearingen (@Shellyish)

Shelly has a Booktube account with a wide range of interests, branching from Adult Fiction, Children’s books, anime, and graphic novels. Whether you are looking for yourself or books for your young ones, there is a large range of videos from her that can meet many different interests in reading. Her personality is bright and fun, and it is very apparent that she enjoys producing content and sharing her opinion!

2. Curious Salo Reads (@curioussaloreads3274)

This BookTube account is from a young woman from South Africa is refreshing her love for reading by diving back into children’s books, amongst other genres. Her videos are adorable and lighthearted, encouraging others to return to reading and enjoy it however you can.

3. Nicole (@littleexplorerstoyshop)

Nicole is a Booktoker from Australia, and loves sharing different book recommendations, as well as her ventures creating activities for children to enjoy and learn. Her main focus is creating sensory toys for children to calm down or stimulate in a way that allows them to be more present.

4. Kaili | Kids Book Recs (@shhhmommysreading)

Kaili is a Booktok user who gives many recommendations for children’s picture books, including diverse books discussing mental health, education, emotions, and cultures. She encourages children to be empathetic and to establish self love!

5. Awnie (@AwniesHouse)

Awnie is on BookTube and creates content where she reads her favorite children’s books so parents and educators can play them in substitute for family reading time. She gives her recommendations as she picks the books she reads and shares with her viewers, and has been on her platform for over 10 years.

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6. Storytime With Faye (@storytimewithfaye)

Similar to Awnie, Faye is a booktuber that does read-aloud videos according to her recommendations, highlighting themes of self love and confidence, as well as more comedic books. Her account is fairly new but she posts weekly storytimes!

7. Sarah Rylov (@threelittleloveslibrary)

Sarah is a children’s books reviewer on BookTok, and posts many recommendations based on the seasons, as well as different awareness periods, such as her recent posts about Children’s Mental Health Awareness week. She follows adorable themes and backgrounds and puts a lot of effort into her content.

8. PlumReading (@plumreading)

This account is similar to other read-along accounts, but this one in particular is on TikTok, so it is easier for hands-on stimulation and reading! They have posted a wide variety of children’s picture books, with very diverse and entertaining choices that are fun to listen to and engage with.

9. Miss Sophie’s Story Time (@MissSophiesStoryTime)

Miss Sophie is a read-aloud account that has many stories, ranging from classics that have remained popular throughout generations, as well as newer releases with a wide range of different messages for children. Her account is organized in accordance with the seasons, which makes it easy for access to different books for lesson plans and beyond.

10. Ellie’s Book Reviews for Kids (@elliesbookreviewsforkids2310)

This YouTube account is by a young girl named Ellie, as she shares her book recommendations and current reads with social media, giving her take as a young girl, and what she finds educational and entertaining. Her account is very enjoyable, as she is giving her opinion about the books of her age group.

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Emma Bender is a third-year student at Michigan State University, studying English Literature and History. Outside of classes, she enjoys working at a coffee shop and bookstore, as well as holding the title of Vice President of MSU’s chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, a national English honor society.