Speaking Engagements

Maria is a known speaker nationwide. She offers upbeat, engaging & educational presentations, keynotes, assemblies & workshops that inspire, uplift & teach valuable lessons.

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School Visits

Maria offers multiple assemblies, programs, and workshops to meet the needs of your group. From PreK to Upper Elementary, she has the perfect package offering for every age, topic and grade level. All programs are 45 minutes long, with the exception of Kindergarten only groups, which are 30 minutes.

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Educator Testimonials

Character is Key

GRADES K, K-2, 1-2 and 3-5

Character education is needed to instill important values such as integrity, empathy, forgiveness, responsibility, and respect. Good character is taught by teaching, modeling, and practice. It is not automatic. Character education is especially important in today’s society since our children are faced with so many challenges that were unknown to earlier generations. Author Maria Dismondy has developed age-appropriate programs for grades K-5. The assemblies will educate children through a series of engaging interactions and uses children’s literature as a foundation to the teachings.

Change your words, change your mindset

GRADES K, K-2, 1-2 and 3-5

In this new assembly, children will learn what it means to have a growth mindset. They will explore the power of their words and thoughts. Through interactive demonstrations and connections to Maria’s children’s books, children will leave the assembly with actionable steps they can take to make a difference in their day.


GRADES K, K-2, 1-2 and 3-5

Character education is needed to instill important values such as integrity, empathy, forgiveness, responsibility, and respect. Empathy is especially important in today’s society since our children are faced with so many challenges in this digital era. This program will take a deep dive to look at why empathy is important, how do we practice it and we also take a look at emotional IQ..

Literacy Program

GRADES K, K-2, 1-2, 3-5 or K-5

In these sessions, children learn how an idea can grow from a real-life experience, and how these ideas can then become writing pieces. This workshop includes the building blocks of writing traits and reading connections.

Writer’s Workshop

GRADE Level Groupings

In these small group sessions, Maria works with one grade level. Provided with grade level writing standards ahead of time, Maria designs a program to reinforce the objectives you are working on in the classroom. A majority of this small group workshop is making connections between Maria’s writing strategies and what the children are working on together.

Operation Sunshine

Grades K, K-2, 1-2, 3-5 or K-5

Even the youngest person can make a big impact. Explore how a child’s time and talent can make a difference in their community and throughout the world. The following traits are demonstrated and connected to Maria’s books: Kindness, Teamwork, Uniqueness, Empathy, Diversity, Compassion, Manners, Determination and Problem-Solving.

Bullying Programs

Grades K, K-2, 1-2, and 3-5

This program introduces children to strategies they can use when faced with teasing and bullying. Through role-playing and crowd participation, the lessons learned in this session are sure to stick with children!

Family LIteracy Night

All School Program + Parents

Maria is available to present to students and families Grades K-6 with a literacy focus. The program is 45 minutes long in the evening with a book signing as well. Pricing available in the Program Guide.

Virtual Visit: Meet Maria Over the Internet

The New Trend in Author Visits

Virtual visits are the new trend in school assemblies. While it’s not as fun as having Maria visit you in person, it can be a lot more feasible financially for schools located outside of Michigan. Maria presents an assembly to students grades K-5 program on being an author and bullying.

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Musical Performances

Two of Maria’s books are children’s musicals and can be brought to your school:  Spaghetti In A Hot Dog Bun and Chocolate Milk, Por Favor. Both shows tour national schools and youth theaters.Stars Within Reach Productions creates, produces, and provides access to professional theatre for young and family audiences nationwide.


Check out Empowering Kids with Character – The Podcast on iTunes or Amazon for daily one minute tips on raising kind and caring kids! 

Maria is featured in season one of If You Give A Ric A Podcast, where Ric and his older brother Rece travel the world through a new children’s book every week! Ric & Rece are joined by Maria as they journey through six of her wildly popular books, published by Cardinal Rule Press. Children and adults of all ages are invited to spend time with If You Give A Ric A Podcast and explore the concepts of friendship, kindness, empathy, and just what it takes to make it through the world..

Professional Development

Maria is available for keynote speaking opportunities and other break out type programs. She has spoken across the country on topics of business development, creative marketing, publishing and more. Reach out to see if Maria can design a program for your event.

Join the Battle Against Bullying

Every child has the right to a community where he or she feels safe

Bullying occurs when someone repeatedly and purposefully says or does hurtful things. Bullying is on the rise and some consider it an epidemic.This workshop will present strategies and interventions that work to stop bullying now! Maria tailors this presentation to parents, teachers, mom’s groups, women’s programs, and elementary staff members.



A recent study from Career Builder reported college graduates are entering the job force lacking essential soft skills. Find out what skills are important for children to develop early on. Parents, teachers and caregivers will walk away from this program with a number of simple routines to adopt in their home in order to prepare their children with these important life tools.