Now that Halloween is in the books for 2022, it’s time to start thinking about turkeys, holiday shopping, and the important contributions of Native Americans. November is Native American Heritage Month, which emphasizes celebrating diverse cultures and is a perfect time to educate your families and peers about tribes and the challenges that Native Americans have faced and continue to face. 

With this in mind, Native American Heritage month is a great opportunity to introduce nonfiction books into your child’s reading rotation (if you haven’t already). It can be difficult to keep them interested when discussing real and relevant topics but there are countless nonfiction children’s book titles that both help educate and keep them entertained! All reading is good reading, but it is nice to switch things up in the reading rotation every once in a while!

With Thanksgiving (and Black Friday) right around the corner, it is the perfect time to explore new titles to gift your children for their library. Cardinal Rule Press has a variety of different titles for all readers’ interests as well as book bundles. Cardinal Rule Press also has a blog post about Diverse Holiday Books that can be read for inspiration!

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The holidays coming up also means more time to spend with family. When you aren’t stocking up on holiday goodies and purchasing presents for your loved ones, there’s still plenty of time to spend with those you love the most. If the weather is beginning to cool down, you might be struggling to think of some family activities. Don’t worry! Here’s a Family Game Time freebie that is sure to be a good time for everyone! 

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, now is also a good time to start thinking about and practicing gratitude with your family. Founder of Empowering Kids with Character, Maria Dismondy, talks about practicing gratitude and incorporating this practice into family time. This can be as simple as everyone thinking of one thing that they’re grateful for during dinner time. This is not only a good practice for children, but for everyone to remember that there are always things to be grateful for!

Whether your little readers like to fill their shelves with fiction or nonfiction tales, reading is good for them no matter what! There’s definitely no harm in adding some variation into the mix of the reading rotation, but there is nothing wrong with kids that like to stick with their preferred genre. Reading is always beneficial and can be added to any routine. 

How are you going to include more reading into your family’s routine?

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Paige Hackman is a senior at Grand Valley State University and an acquisitions intern at Cardinal Rule Press. When Paige is not studying, she likes to read and work on her personal writing. She hopes to write a novel in the near future