EKWC The Podcast-Daily Parenting Tips & Hacks-June. Are you looking for quick tips as a parent to learn parenting hacks that work? #ParentingTips #ParentingHacks #Parenting

Are you looking for quick tips as a parent to:

  • learn parenting hacks that work?
  • incorporate positive character into your daily routines?
  • Have FUN with your kids, even when life gets hard?
  • Find JOY in parenting?

But WAIT–who has TIME to listen to a podcast? What if I told you it was only 2 minutes a day and you can listen to an entire month’s worth on the way to the grocery store? Yes–the Empowering Kids with Character Podcast is available monthly for you where podcasts are found. Listen by clicking below!

06/01 – Introduce the month
06/02 – Say something nice day
06/03 – Repeat Day
06/04 – Character Trait: Dependability
06/05 – Word of the year check in
06/06 – Family Game Night: Scrambled States Of America
06/08 – Podcast to listen with your kid: Goodnight Stories For Rebel Girls
06/09 – What’s For Dinner: Foil Packet Meals
06/10 – Happy Birthday Maurice Sendak
06/11 – Parenting Book Recommendation : How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & How to Listen so Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber
06/12 – Superman day
06/13 – Maximize Your Summer With These Cheap and Free Ideas
06/14 – Flag day
06/15 – Fly a kite day
06/16 – Father’s day
06/17 – Riddles for Kids
06/18 – Books for grown ups
06/19 – Juneteenth
06/20 – Family Movie Night Dolphin Tale
06/21 – First day of summer
06/22 – Great American campout
06/23 – Kiddie Pool Sink & Float
06/24 – Book for Family Read Aloud : What Do You Do With An Idea? By Kobi Yamada
06/25 – Spaghetti In A Hotdog Bun
06/26 – Tell me something good
06/27 – How to talk to your kids about food using positive language
06/28 – National Insurance Day
06/29 – National camera day
06/30 – Positive Language Alternatives

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