It’s that time of year. You walk into Target and school supplies are scattered though the aisles. Retailers have been warning you since, what seemed like the middle of summer. We want you to ease back into the routine of sending your little miracles off to school again, so we’ve created a few basic steps to take before you lose your mind!

Essential Steps to Survive the First Week of School -

#1 Get the Supplies

Don’t wait until the last minute to get the school supplies. If possible, make it a special date with your child to go to the store and check things off the list. I learned my lesson the hard way but heading to just one store to buy it all—holy moly was it all so expensive. Watch the sales in the summer and pick those expensive items up here and there while on sale (like those Ticonderoga pencils that cost an arm and a leg)

#2 Get Back into a Routine

One week before school begins, start having the children wake up fifteen minutes early than they have been all summer. For example, if all summer long my daughter has been waking up at 8 am, I will wake her at 7:45 am for a few days, then back it up another 15 minutes until I’ve reached the desired time. Remind your kiddos what three things need to happen first thing in the morning and have them practice these in that week before. We like post it notes as a helpful reminder. The Dismondy 3 are: Make Your Bed, Open Your Curtains and Get Dressed.

#3 Stock the Pantry

Are you prepared with easy grab and go snacks (healthy and crunchy) to help pack those lunches up? Wash the old lunch box and make it like new. Set up a mini lunch packing station with things like: napkins, sandwich containers, and love notes. Teach your child how to pack their own lunch. How to you prioritize the portions? Take a step back and LET THEM do this during the week once school begins again but ONLY and ONLY when their TOP THREE are finished.

#4 Back-To-School Wardrobe

Set aside some time those last few weeks of summer to clean out your child’s seasonal clothing. This helps you to know what they may need when the weather changes. I also like this time to weed out some of the clothing and shoes that they don’t fit in anymore.

#5 Hug and Send Love on Their Way out The Door

Part ways on a positive note. You are the adult so if any arguments came up during the morning hour, table them for a later discussion and give your loved one a hug and some positive words to leave with. You never know what hardships they may encounter throughout the day, May your home be filled with kindness and love so it is a safe haven to return to.

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