Book Title: Horses!

Author: Animal Planet

Book Review-Horses & Dolphins2 -

Book Synopsis:

Young readers craving information about beloved equines will find everything they want to know in Horses!, the new Animal Planet Chapter Book. Filled with more than 100 stunning photos, Horses! will explain how these beautiful animals work, play, compete, and care for their young, and how they move using their four natural gaits: walking, trotting, cantering, and galloping. Sections also explore horse breeds, herd behavior, communication, and the interdependent relationship between people and horses. Did you know these gentle giants can read emotions on a person’s face? Horses! will have readers whinnying with happiness about this popular animal subject.

Book Title: Dolphins!

Author: Animal Planet

Book Review-Horses & Dolphins -

Book Synopsis:

Young readers looking for information about their favorite marine mammals will find everything they are looking for in Dolphins!, the latest Animal Planet Chapter Book. Information about dolphins’ anatomy, behavior, social relationships, and more offer a complete survey of this high-interest topic. Illustrated chapters and species profiles highlight how dolphins live, eat, and interact with each other. Did you know that the longest dolphin—at up to 30 feet—is the orca, also known as the killer whale, and that dolphins sleep with half of their brains on? More than 100 gorgeous photos showcase dolphins around the world in this memorable book for fans of these charismatic cetaceans!

My Review:

Animal Planet has done a wonderful job with their series of chapter books for young readers. These books have fun facts about animals along with gorgeous photography throughout each book. We would recommend these books for children to gain knowledge and explore their interests in animals. Our nine year old daughter said “These are really great Mom!” She had her nose in the books for hours!!! That tells me to give the books two thumbs up!

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