Book Review: My Second Year of Kindergarten

Author: Rebecca Eisenberg

Book Review-My Second Year of Kindergarten -

Book Synopsis:

Second Year of Kindergarten tells the story of a young boy named Peter that discovers progress, support and triumph when repeating kindergarten.

This book was designed with a specialized font to assist children that may have reading disabilities.

Book Review-My Second Year of Kindergarten2 -

My Review:

My Second Year of Kindergarten is a well written story about a boy named Peter who is courageous and confidant in his classroom. Repeating kindergarten is not a new concept, but having a book to describe the emotional and academic difficulty of this transition is. Author Rebecca Eisenberg went beyond the book with a section just for parents in the back. There is also a Reader’s Guide that is free to download from the book’s website. My son and I played Sight Word Bingo and worked on the skills sheet that were provided in the free Reader’s Guide. We love the opportunity to Go Beyond the Book and this guide allowed us to do so.

Book Review-My Second Year of Kindergarten1 -

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