Hi everyone! I’m Mandy Bush and I am the online business manager for Cardinal Rule Press (Maria’s publishing company). I am a mother of 2 (son and daughter) and I will be blogging this month on Be the Difference and will be recapping some valuable tips from Maria’s new show, Empowering Kids With Character – The Show!

Empathy Game - mariadismondy.com

On March 8, Maria shared a FREE printable Empathy Game. You can watch the full video here.

Maria shared a little snippet of her playing this empathy game with her 4-year-old son. She explained that in order for children to be able to have empathy, they need to have some emotional literacy (or emotional IQ). They need to be able to describe and name emotions. This game helps children identify their own emotions, which then helps them practice empathy in identifying how someone else may be feeling. You can find the free printable here.

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This game has Lego faces (definitely something my son can’t get enough of – Legos!) which show different emotions. You will read a sentence (Example: “You find a coin on the ground. How do you feel?”) and they will choose the Lego face that shows the emotion they think they would feel. I, of course, already downloaded this game and can’t wait to show my son!

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