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About the Book-The Sandwich Swap by Queen Rania

Lily and Salma are best friends. They like doing all the same things, and they always eat lunch together. Lily eats peanut butter and Salma eats hummus-but what’s that between friends? It turns out, a lot. Before they know it, a food fight breaks out. Can Lily and Salma put aside their differences? Or will a sandwich come between them?

The smallest things can pull us apart-until we learn that friendship is far more powerful than difference. In a glorious three-page gatefold at the end of the book, Salma, Lily, and all their classmates come together in the true spirit of tolerance and acceptance.

Website: www.queenrania.jo

What this book teaches-Cultural Diversity

My review of the book:

This is a story about friendship. It’s about two little girls who come from different places and like to eat different things. So the main premise of this story is about sandwiches. It illustrates the importance of cultural differences and respecting those differences. This book is beautifully illustrating and is written by a Queen– I always enjoy reading the biography, at the end of this book, to my children. They think it’s really fun that a member of a royal family wrote this book.

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