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Growing up I have fond memories of my family participating in favorite rituals like attending midnight mass on Christmas Eve or favorite traditions like a red decorated, heart filled breakfast for Valentine’s Day.

We have this one chance to make our children’s childhood special with fond memories. Why not fill it with traditions and happy rituals?

Here are a few traditions we’ve created in our family. I would love to hear special traditions you have, please comment below or reach out to me in our Private Facebook Group. We would love to have you join the powerful community making a difference each day in the lives of our children!

  • Fancy Family Dinner (usually around Valentine’s Day)-Dress up and eat a candle lit dinner at home with your kids!
  • Birthdays-a big celebration with extended family and friends at age 1,5,10,13 and 16. Birthdays in between are celebrated at home with grandparents.
  • Holiday breakfasts (Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Day)-Themed paper plates and napkins with small tokens of love (presents, nothing outrageous!)
  • The Detroit Turkey Trot-Each year my husband and I run in this race then go out to a delicious breakfast afterwards. When are kids are a little bit older, they will join us in this special tradition ON Thanksgiving!
  • Pajama Breakfast-Around the holidays, my BFF and I get our kids together for a pj breakfast.
  • Family Sleepover-We are starting this tradition this year with friends and their kids. Having a few families sleep over!!! Should be fun (and loud)
  • Christmas Caroling-We sing to our local seniors each year at the local home.
  • Four Gift Rule-Santa brings three gifts (one to wear, one to read and one to play with) and Mama and Papa give one gift as well. The kids also get a stocking stuffed with special little toys.
  • Tree Decorating-The day after Thanksgiving is a day to clean up after hosting Turkey Day and put up our tree!
  • Christmas Genies-My girlfriends and I have been sending secret genie gifts to each other during the holidays for 16 years now!
  • Friend Family Dinner-My girlfriends and I make plans for dinner together every 6-8 weeks
  • Camping-We have been camping with friends for the last few years. Just 1-2 nights at a local campground.
  • The Red Plate-This is a tradition I am starting soon (once my plate arrives) Here are the details: It was a time honored tradition among early American families when someone deserved special praise or attention, they were served dinner on The Red Plate. Today this custom, so dear to early American families, returns to remind us a simple reward can mean so much. The Red Plate is the perfect way to acknowledge a family member’s special triumphs . . . celebrate a birthday . . . praise a job well done . . . reward a goal achieved . . . or simply say “You are Special Today”. When The Red Plate is used, any meal becomes a celebration, honoring that special person, event, or deed. It is a visible reminder of love and esteem, a way of showing someone dear to you they are appreciated and remembered. The Red Plate is designed and crafted to become a family heirloom as it is cherished and passed from one generation to the next, marking life’s important milestones.


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