Book Review: Mason’s Greatest Gems

Author Chelsea Lee Smith Contributor and Illustrator Elaheh Bos

Masons Greatest Gems Author Chelsea Lee Smith Contributor and Illustrator Elaheh Bos -

Age Level: Children ages 5-10 years old.

Book Description: 

Mason’s Greatest Gems is a story about finding hidden gems inside yourself, with an introduction to the concept of virtues for children. It can be used to inspire discussions in your homes and classrooms about using life experiences as opportunities for personal growth.

Additional Resources:

  • Purchase the book here!
  • Head over to the illustrators page for Free Printables!
  • Be sure to check out Chelsea’s website, Moments a Day, which is FILLED with activities to bring positive character into your home.

Author: Chelsea Lee Smith: Moments a Day

Illustrator: Elaheh Bos: Plant, Love, Grow

My Review:

This is a story about a little boy named Mason who finds a gem. His mom explains that a mine is a place like your body that deep inside has hidden gems and treasures. Our bodies hold virtues which represented as the gems. The book shares such an important message that your experiences help you find your gems and your attitude helps you polish them to make them shine even brighter!

The virtues, or as you hear me refer to them on this blog as character traits, that are mentioned in the book are: Friendliness, Respect, Courtesy, Generosity, Love, Gentleness and Helpfulness. This book is a perfect addition to a family or school library. It is a fantastic pick to read for #TakingCareThurs an initiative that I am participating in each week with my own children at home.

There are references at the end of the book to coloring pages, games and more!

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