In a few days, our celebrity judges will announce the winners of our Summer Kindness Contest which has officially ended! We will be announcing the winners and runner’s up here on the blog as well as on social media on Wednesday by 8 pm EST.

Today I wanted to share a special event my children and I attended. We went to a local senior home with 30 moms and children from my MOPS group. I worked with the Activities Coordinator at the senior home on coming up with four activities the kids and seniors could participate in together. There was nail painting, puzzle solving, card decorating (for the residents in the hospital) and cookie decorating.


We had a huge turnout and I was brought to tears a number of times as I witness pure joy on the faces of the residents. The nail painting was a huge hit! My 6 year-old was so proud to have helped paint her new friend Doris’ nails. My 3 year-old wouldn’t stop talking about her new friends Gladys and Charlie.

Giving children the opportunity to do something kind for someone else is so important. Getting them together with seniors is a win-win. They can practice communication skills and learn about people who are much older then them. There are so many benefits to giving back to the community in which we live in!