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Thank you to this week’s sponsor of The Summer Kindness Contest!


Company Name:Kent Displays, Inc

About Boogie Board LCD eWriters:

Boogie Board LCD eWriters utilize a reflective, pressure-sensitive, plastic liquid crystal display (LCD). Images are created by pressing on the LCD with a stylus, fingernail or other instrument. To clear the LCD, an erase button is pushed. This tells the electronics, which are powered by a battery, to erase the image by applying an electric field to the LCD.



• Home: Leave one next to the phone, stick one to the fridge, and take one in the car for making to do and shopping lists, writing memos, leaving reminders/ messages, doing quick calculations, jotting down ideas, etc.

• Office: Leave one on their desk or stick one to file cabinets for the same activities listed in the previous bullet.

• Education:

– Pre-school through third grade students use it to practice handwriting and arithmetic, draw pictures, complete learning activities (telling time), play games (tic tac toe, hang man), etc.

– Older students use it for taking lecture notes, to do lists, homework assignments, problem solving, charts/graphs, conceptual thinking

– Teachers use it as a tool to demonstrate problem solving, assignment objectives, to do lists, reminders, message pads, etc.

• Coaches: Use it to diagram plays, keep score, write lineups and take notes

• Health Care: Emergency room physicians use it to record short-term, confidential patient information that must be permanently disposed of after use. Can also be used in other medical environments where patient information needs to be recorded for short term use and does not need to referenced at a later time.

• Individuals with intellectual/physical challenges: These individuals find it very simple and engaging to use for general writing and drawing tasks as well as related therapeutic activities (includes congenital conditions such as Autism and Down’s Syndrome as well as those with neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s and ALS

• Individuals with physical challenges related to their arms, hands, speech and hearing from congenital conditions, accidents or surgeries often find it easier and more convenient to use than paper and pen. Can also be used for physical and occupational therapy activities related to arms and hands. Numerous individuals recovering from recent throat surgery have written the company about their positive experience using the tablet as a medium for basic inter-personal communications.


My personal review of the product:

Here you can see our Boogie Boards (original 8.5–same as two that are being given away in the Kindness Contest) in action. Our girls use them to play games like Tic-Tac-Toe. They also like to draw pictures on their Boogie Board. Even with a handy dandy clip to store the stylis pen, my girls have both lost theirs. However, they have been creative in using their fingernail to draw on their board or the eraser of a pencil.

You can see in the image above, I like the model Jot 4.5 to take quick notes either for my husband or myself. The pen also serves as a product holder to help make your board more of a display.

Here is a super unique way our family used the Boogie Boards this month. My nieces walked around and took orders from the kids at a party, listing which ice cream flavor they wanted.

Another way the Boogie Board was used was for storytelling. My nieces wrote the beginning of a story on the board for my daughter to read her a bedtime story. Then they would erase and quickly illustrated the next part of the story. It was really fun to watch and my three-year-old was really entertained!


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