Recently we celebrated my daughter’s 6th birthday. We celebrated with dinner with the grandparents and my daughter invited two friends over for a playdate. It was a perfect amount of celebrating. Last year we went big for her fifth birthday where she invited a bunch of friends and family to a children’s theater to see a play. Until her 10th, we are scaling back a bit.

My oldest loves books and always has. I have so many pictures of her at the library reading books! I was super excited when this was the theme she chose. We like a theme around here!


Thanks to Pinterest, the party came together quite nicely. Here are the details:

  • Stacked books birthday cake
  • Cupcakes for friends with mini books on top
  • We visited our local Salvation Army and purchased an old book for 25cents. We used the pages to create a flag pennant, a link chain, we cut out letters for a sign and filled a jar on our piano with left over pages for decoration.
  • I took blank paper and sewed the pages together  into mini books for the girls to have as favors.
  • Other favors: Gummy worms with a label “Book Worms”, book plates for them to personalize, their very own library card, a library bag to decorate and use and a book called “It’s Okay To Make Mistakes by Todd Parr.
  • Besides decorating their library bags, we went on a scavenger hunt through our family library searching for books about friendship, a science book, a book about dogs, etc.
  • The invitations looked just like old library check-out cards. My daughter and I made them together. That was a fun project!
  • Here are more ideas on my Party Board that I didn’t end up using.