I have met some AMAZING teachers recently during March is Reading Month.

Over the last few years, I have created and gathered resources for teachers and wanted to review what they are and where educators can find them.

You can watch this short video with the information and/or follow the links below! I would love your ideas on more video topics that you think would be beneficial to your students. I am here to help and would be happy to create more literacy-based videos.

You Tube Videos

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  • Videos all about the writing and publishing process with some fun interviews (like one with an illustrator I worked with and what her creative process is)
  • These will be uploaded and available on Teacher Tube over the next month.
  • Video playlists: I have a playlist dedicated to empowering children.

Reader’s Guide

  • Each book of mine has a guide with lesson plans and activities that relate to the theme of that particular title.

Character Lessons

  • I created some of these activities and found some on the web to design this set of lessons to teach important character traits to my preschooler.

Linky Paries-Character Traits

  • Since I’ve changed my blog to Word Press, the links have vanished but you still get more lessons on character from me in this area of my blog!

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