When I taught first grade, I received a cookie from a student the day after her baby sister was born. It was like a birthday party favor announcing the birth of the new baby. Kind of like the cigars and candy bars people might pass out after the birth of a baby!

My first daughter was in the breech position and we had a scheduled c-section for her delivery. A few days prior, I spent several hours making star shaped cookies as hospital favors to pass out upon the arrival of our first born. I had my husband fill in the labels with the baby’s birth details and we gave them to visitors as well as hospital staff. I was so grateful for the support and kindness of the hospital staff, it felt really good to thank them with a little treat right then and there.

When our second child was born, I filled snack sized baggies with Hershey Kisses and added the title “Worth the wait…” Again, on the back was the baby’s stats that this time my mom and stepmom spent time filling in for us as we oohed and ahhed over our new little girl.

I am really excited about the project I am working on for Baby #3. I got the idea from Pinterest for a party favor that was made for a birthday favor. Candy filled baby food jars! Here’s how to make them…

Step #1 Use baby food and clean jar (I bought carrots and used them in my peanut butter muffin recipe that includes pureed carrots since my girls are off baby food.)

Step #2 Spray paint the outside and inside of the jar lids (the insides are stained with the baby food.)

Step #3 Make a cute label to go on the outside of the jar (I ordered mine from Etsy here.)

Step #4 Add candy to the jar before sealing. I bought bright and happy colored candies from Target—just $1 a bag!

Step #5 Tie with some cute ribbon or rick rack and add your label.

Step #6 Pass out to your loved ones who visit you at the hospital as a sweet reminder of the little miracle they just met. I like to give them out to nurses, midwives and doctors too!