This will be the LAST month I write a blog post on a specific character trait. It has been one year since I started this series. I was excited to have several contributors to this project over the course of the year and because of that, I have an EXCELLENT resource for parents to refer to when teaching their children important virtues.

A year’s worth of teaching children character traits.

Patience is described as quiet and steady.

When I think of children in general, I don’t think of quiet and steady! However, we know that patience is a virtue, a trait, that is valuable, even for young children. The question is, how do we teach young child the art of being patient? Here are a few easy ways…

Do you want to read more about teaching children about patience? The book, Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman is a great read for how the French raise their children. If you don’t have time to read yet another book about parenting (although, I really enjoyed this one), here’s a quick article to read on the book and topic.

Teaching Children How to Practice Patience

1. Time-depending on the child’s age, the concept of time is an abstract thought to grasp. Instead of telling your child their birthday is in two days, explain to them that today you are going to the library, tomorrow they will see grandma and then the next day it is their birthday! The words next, after, and then will help you describe time to a toddler and preschooler. Get a calendar for your preschooler and mark events together. Use a marker to put a big X on each day that passes. This is a great visual to teach children about patience and time.

2. Games-Playing games and having to TAKE TURNS is a great way to teach your child about being patient.

3. Vocabulary-Incorporate the words patient and patience into your vocabulary. Use them often when you see examples of this character trait to SHOW your child what it looks, sounds and feels like to be patient. “We have been waiting a very long time for our dinner, we are being so patient!”