Back in June I wrote about our Family Emergency Kit. The kit lives under our kitchen sink and is there in case we have to leave our house for a sudden emergency. I saw a ton of really great ideas on kits going around on pinterest but I couldn’t commit to buying food and put in our kit. It’s almost as if I don’t want to admit that something could happen where we would need a supply of canned goods and bottled water. So I made one that worked for me!

Another thing I had been wanting to do forever was purchase a fireproof box. A family member of ours had a house fire years ago and lost everything. I remember her telling me how difficult it was to go through and remember every single thing they owned for insurance purposes. Last year I took our video camera and walked through our house, opening cabinets and drawers, getting it all on video. Then I burned this to a dvd and we keep it at a location away from our house. I will also keep one in our new fireproof box.

What else is in our fireproof box? Passports, birth certificates, social security cards, our marriage certificate, external hardrives, a cassette tape with my grandma and I singing on it and a brooch my aunt gave me to wear on my wedding day from my grandma. Think of anything that would be irreplaceable and put it in there! Please leave comments below if you have other ideas of items that should go in the box.