Today’s post is a part of my linky party called Make A Difference Monthly. Each month I write about a specific character trait to share ideas on how parents, teachers and other caregivers can teach traits to children. I began this linky party back in April. Check out the last few months of traits and ideas to go along with them. I encourage bloggers to link up (below). The more people blog about these important character traits, the more people will read about how easy they can be taught to children and in return a greater number of children out there in the world will be equipt with these important tools to use out in the world!

Generosity is defined as giving without expecting anything in return. It can involve offering time, assets or talents to aid someone in need.

I have spoken about the connection between volunteering as a family and empathy. Generostiy if a trait that goes along the same lines. Exposing children to giving back and paying it forward will help them understand that the world is made up of different people. That some people are in need of basic items to survive like food and shelter. I like the video clip from Sesame Street on volunteering. It is simple and to the point. Show it to your students or your children to spark a discussion about volunteering and the word generosity.

Teach Children About Generosity:

As a teacher, I would list local charities and explain them to my class at the beginning of the year. Together, they would choose a charity and that would be the one we donated to at the end of the year. Through out the year, when I saw my students doing something good, I would give them “A pat on the back” which was actually a die cut of a hand that I would tape on their back. They were so proud to walk around the school displaying their “pat”. I made sure that on occasion, the entire class would earn a pat on the back so that every single student was included. For the good deeds my students did in the classroom, I would keep track and match that number to the charity we chose.

Volunteer to show Generosity:

Over the weekend I spoke to the Beaumont Parenting Group volunteers. I was so impressed with this group that I decided to sign up as a volunteer. They have approximately 350 volunteers. The program offers education and support to new parents and continues through out the life of the child. The program sets new parents up with other new moms in playgroups. For the first year of these children’s lives, the parenting program educates these parents with speakers on newborn care, safety, child development, etc. I have never heard of such an involved program at a hospital before (I delivered at two different hospitals and neither had a program like this).

The thing is, not only does this program show generosity by giving back to people in the community, but it gives its volunteers the opportunity to make a difference.

How do you teach children to be generous?

How do you show generosity in your own life?

If you would like to join Making Spirits Bright facebook page (like it) you will get quotes about volunteering, giving back and making a difference every now and then in your facebook news feed. It’s a non-profit that my friend Meg and I began a few years ago. We are getting a team together to volunteer at a local walk to raise money for breast cancer research.

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