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A few weeks ago my older daughter (3 1/2) started waking up early. She continued to come downstairs and wake up the rest of us!

We have been very lucky with morning wake up. Since she turned two, she has been in a full size bed. We told her if she woke up and we didn’t come get her right away, to look at books in her bed. She followed these directions for an entire year and a half!

I posted a “help” request on facebook and got many suggestions for what to do about an early riser. Many people use clocks that change color and signal to young children that it’s time to wake up. I decided to get The Tot Clock since it had real clock hands. The teacher in me wants my big kid to learn to tell time on an analog clock just as much as on a digital one. Telling time on an analog clock can be difficult so why not have one in her room to start?

So far I love the clock! She wakes up when it’s yellow and when it’s blue it’s either nap/quiet or bedtime. There are other colors too but we only use the two. The adult sets the times on the back of the clock and Voila! It took a few days for her to get used to following the clocks colors.

I would recommend trying out The Tot Clock if you have an early riser in your house!

P.S. I had my big kid pose for this picture! Remember, if she’s sleeping, the clock is blue…