Things I love Thursdays is here to tell you about a local company that I want to endorse. I am not being paid or given anything to write this blog post. Bloggers, please link up your Thursday post that describes a product you love!

We went to a tea party at a friend’s house a few weeks ago. It was so. much. fun. My daughter and her friend played so nicely. They pretended to feed their stuffed animals, shared their fancy pearls with their animals, ate cookies and made my friend Danielle and I smile from ear to ear! I was excited to be invited to another tea party by my good friend Carly. It was at a local business in Northville, MI called. The concept was tea with a princess (Sleeping Beauty/Auroa). The girls had a good time.

The thing I was SUPER excited about was the discovery that there are actual places that you can take your children to learn manners. Families sign their children up for camps all summer long, this might be a good class to enroll children in to reinforce the manners being taught in the home. Etiquette schools are popular in the south and this is the first time I’ve ever heard of something here in Michigan. I hope that I am teaching manners properly in the home but still, as a elementary student, to go with a few friends to this fancy store front, might be fun!

The store is called Hearts of Inspiration. The owner offers workshops and lessons in manners, etiquette and simple acts of kindness. Their mission is to raise awareness of how our actions affect others and to inspire kind and helpful behavior. Their manners class teaches the following manners: setting the table, good posture, napkin and utensil use, table conversation dos and donts, helping yourself and passing food, ordering at a restaurant, excusing yourself, how to be a polite guest and thanking your host. The social etiquette class teaches proper behavior for all occasions. Behaviors like eye contact, handshaking, tone of voice, body language, etc.

There was a book that the princess read. It was called Polite as a Princess. The book was short, sweet and taught manners in a very beginner or basic form. A great book for little girls (and boys) that loves princesses.