We went to a super fun birthday party today. It was a princess themed party. My big kid loves to dress up and has fancy costumes like the Disney character Snow White. Her favorite is Tinker Bell. She hasn’t watched any of the movies yet but has read about characters in books or has seen them on toys (like a bowling ball set she owns.) Anyhow, the minute a beautiful lady showed up to the party in a glittery ballgown, my girl was smitten. She had no clue who she was (a high schooler dressed up as Belle from Beauty and The Beast) but she grabbed her hand and just stared at her! It was so sweet. I had to encourage her to step away from Belle at one point so the birthday girl had a chance at holding Belle’s hand!

The princess danced with the girls and sang to them. She had a fantastic voice and it really made the party. There was a treasure hunt on the beach, tiara and crown decorating and the kids all got to take home a fairy wand.

I was on Pinterest tonight and read that you can write a letter to a Disney character and THEY WILL WRITE YOU BACK a letter along with a signed photograph. I put this on our to-do list for tomorrow. What a wonderful way to follow up from such a fun party. We are going to Thank Belle for singing and dancing with us at the birthday party. I think this is a wonderful way to expose my child to letter writing and involve her in the process!

Walt Disney World Communications

P.O. Box 10040

Lake Buena Vista, FL