I’ve read about family emergency kits a few times. Each time I read about them I get overwhemled thinking “That sounds like a lot of work to make” and “Why would I ever need one of those?” Well, I decided to make one. I don’t want to be that person who thinks nothing bad will ever happen to them. I like to be prepared. What I decided to do was make an emergency kit that made sense to me.

Here’s what is in my kit:




a blanket

documents (copies of all our birth certificates and social security cards)

coloring book


first aid kit

hand sanitizer




surgical gloves



garbage bags



Emergency Contacts

My kit is stored under the sink in our kitchen for easy access. I plan to make another kit that will go in a large plastic tub this summer. I will store this kit in our garage which is separate from our house.

Things to include in my second, more extensive kit:

surgical masks

fire extinguisher

utility knife

12 inch adjustable wrench

corded phone (can be used when power goes out)

bleach (used to sanitize)

duct tape and plastic sheeting

can opener

clothing for everyone in the family



refresh card (lists expirations dates of food)

If you would like to learn about a very extensive kit made by a pediatrician who wrote about it for Parents Magazine, read here.

The American Red Cross sells a kit you can purchase here.

Other things to think about that I have read:

Discuss your emergency plan

Dave and I did this. It’s simply a matter of, what will we do if there is a fire, tornado, evacuation? We have a plan.

We also have a fire ladder which is super important when you live in a two-story home. You can get one here.

Be sure you both know where your fire extinguisher is and that it has not expired.

Have a location to meet up at if your family gets separated in the case of an emergency

We are meeting at the local dollar store, which is in walking distance in case of emergency or at a house down the street if it is an emergency that we do not need to evacuate the neighborhood. It has also been suggested to practice your emergency evacution plan twice a year. Once the girls are a bit older, we plan to do this.

Teach your children your address and phone number.

I made ours into a rap for my three year old! She totally picked it up!