Spoonful of Sweetness, Children's Book by Maria Dismondy
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Spoonful of Sweetness

And Other Delicious Manners

Written by Maria Dismondy
Illustrated by Ronnie Rooney

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What's more fun than showing your baby how to blow kisses?

Teaching children how to display respect, empathy, and other powerful traits that will support them on their journey through life.

A Note to Families:  Start empowering your baby to live an extraordinary life by modeling positive character traits.  This book reminds us that an infant can begin exhibiting acts of kindness well before they are walking and talking.

Awards & Honors

Gold Mom’s Choice Award

Children’s Picture Book

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People Say


“Spoonful of Sweetness” is a delightful educational board book for all young children and their parents and caretakers.

“Spoonful of Sweetness” is a delectable, sturdy pasteboard book for young children that promotes excellent qualities by encouraging children to play imitative games that promote the capacity for such desirable traits as empathy, respect, responsibility, friendship, kindness, and courage. Charming colored illustrations show babies of different races and skin colors displaying imitative responses such as waving, smiling, blowing kisses, kissing boo-boos, etc.

Midwest Book Review


My daughter is 20 months old and she LOVES this book.

The simple text & cute illustrations really hold her attention and she loves to copy what the babies in the book are doing (kissing boo-boos, waving hello, etc.) An adorable way to teach baby her manners. Another great one from Maria Dismondy!


This is an adorable book with engaging pictures and an even more meaningful message.

What a great way to teach these powerful lessons to our young children! Kindness, caring, courage–teaching your children the words and manners now will help them be more courteous as they grow older. And Maria has a way with words! If you have a little one, this is definitely a book to read with your child!


This is the perfect book for children 0-3 years of age.

It is simple, colorful and appealing to young minds. Maria Dismondy has written a charming book for parents and pre-school teachers to use to teach character traits to children that will have long-term benefits. I am delighted with this book and recommend it as a great baby gift for a new mother. Dismondy’s book is a joyful way to start empowering your child.

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