Ah, it’s that time of year again. One thing I have noticed about the topic of Autumn is that people either love it or can’t stand it! I can imagine Autumn is a particularly difficult transition for those that are their happiest in the Summer. 

There are still many fun activities in Autumn to help not only raise spirits, but also connect with your community members! Autumn is the time for cider mills, apple picking, hay rides, and many other activities. Most of these events are hosted by local businesses, making the benefit of attending even greater! Who doesn’t love supporting a local business? 

As the leaves begin to fall, we are reminded that Autumn is also a good time to connect with your neighbors and community members by offering to help rake leaves, exchanging fresh-grown produce, and donating or swapping clothing that you may not have room for in your closet this year. 

The Jelly Donut Difference by Maria Dismondy would make a great addition to anyone’s library this season (and year round), especially those looking to share a message about spreading kindness and helping those within their community. This book emphasizes the importance of spending time with our neighbors and giving back to our community and the individuals within it! 

The newest release from Cardinal Rule Press, What The Bread Says by Vanessa Garcia & illustrated by Tim Palin, is also an amazing example of the importance of learning more about others and the benefits of helping each other. 

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Both of these titles, along with all of Cardinal Rule Press’ books, will come with a free reader’s guide that you can download right from their website. Who doesn’t love a freebie that is bound to help younger readers stay on track while reading?  

Autumn is also the perfect time to try your hand at some new crafts. Cardinal Rule press has a folder filled with book crafts that you can find here! While their Pinterest is filled with resources for readers, teachers, and those interested in the writing and publishing community, you can see that ANYONE who’s a fan of literacy can benefit from following them!

Have you listened to the All The Write Marketing podcast yet? Maria Dismondy, the CEO of Cardinal Rule Press, interviews different individuals within the publishing community, along with librarians, authors and illustrators to give advice, tell their stories, and share wisdom about their experiences. Many of these guests emphasize the importance of maintaining a strong community for support and also highlighting the impact that connecting with your community can have!  

How are you going to connect with your community this season? 

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Paige Hackman is a senior at Grand Valley State University and an acquisitions intern at Cardinal Rule Press. When Paige is not studying, she likes to read and work on her personal writing. She hopes to write a novel in the near future.