Children's Movies With Strong Moral Lessons-Here’s a list of 10 favorites that impart strong moral lessons.
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Children’s movies are an easy way to model characteristics we would love for kids to develop. Whether you’re looking for a flick on sibling relationships, values like courage or honesty, or the importance of appreciating cultural heritage, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of 10 favorites that impart strong moral lessons.

  1. Frozen
    This wintery musical animation presents a caring, sacrificial relationship between two sisters
    Heads Up: Death of parents, weapons, scariness
  1. Marley and Me
    This sweet movie about a family adopting a puppy who weaves his way into their hearts realistically portrays love, healing, and the value of life
    Heads Up: Loss, mourning, mild language, implied sexuality, nudity
  1. Finding Nemo
    From the importance of listening to your parents, to the value of courage and friendship, this movie is rich in moral lessons and fishy fun
    Heads Up: Scariness, peril, death
  1. Moana
    This semi-recent Disney release teaches kids to follow their heart and face their fears with a strong female lead and a fantastic soundtrack by Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda
    Heads Up: Peril, scariness, death, mild language

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  1. The BFG
    Based on the beloved children’s book by Roald Dahl, this movie demonstrates that we shouldn’t hold prejudices against others. The giants are portrayed negatively as a group, but the BFG is friendly and kind to the protagonist
    Heads Up: Peril, scariness, death, dark tone
  1. Wall-E
    A robot-based movie that provokes thought on humanity’s collective ecological footprint and how modern consumption patterns can be detrimental to the environment
    Heads Up: Fights, weapons, explosions, young viewers may become bored during first dialogue-free thirty minutes
  1. The Lion King
    This classic reminds us to face our problems with as much bravery as we can muster rather than avoiding them, no matter how difficult they may be
    Heads Up: Violence, scariness, frightening animals
  1. Pinocchio
    Just as Pinocchio’s nose grows when he lies, our deceptions are visible to those around us. Living with honesty and integrity is the way to go. The latest version was released in 2018
    Heads Up: Peril, scariness 
  1. Ratatouille
    This movie about the unexpected partnership between a talented rat and geeky young chef shows that with determination and support, we can achieve our goals
    Heads Up: Peril, scariness, weapons, mild language
  1. Coco
    This 2017-release highlights Mexican traditions, the value in preserving and celebrating cultural heritage, and the importance of honoring those who have passed
    Heads Up: Scariness, peril, drinking, mild language

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