Maria goes live every other week, taking turns between her author Facebook page and her private Empowering Kids with Character Facebook group. For this one, she shares a lesson plan on character analysis from the book Dazzling Travis (by Hannah Carmona Dias). You can watch the video here.

In all of Cardinal Rule Press books (except Juice Box Bully, Pink Tiara Cookies for Three and Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun simply because it wasn’t thought of when they were published!), we have a before, during and after section on the copyright page. This way, if you’re having one of those days and you just can’t come up with questions to help your children dig deeper with the book, we’ve provided those for you! We, at Cardinal Rule Press and Empowering Kids with Character, believe that going beyond the book is important. We believe that having conversations, with children, about the books they’re reading is really important so that’s why we’ve done the work for you!

Cardinal Rule Press has an educational consultant, Gladys Appleton, who runs her own blog, Teaching In High Heels. She writes all of the Reader’s Guides for our books and does such an amazing job! TheDazzling Travis Reader’s Guide comes with 10 lesson plans and at the beginning of the reader’s guide, you can see a guide for the common core standard so you can match what lesson goes with which standard! For this lesson plan, we’ll be using the Character Analysis (page 9). What the students will do for the Character Analysis is take the words that are used to describe Travis (or the words that Travis uses in the book) and then describe the actions as well. This helps them really dig deep into who this person is as a character.

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Remember that Maria alternates these videos between her author page and the private Empowering Kids with Character page, which provides more ideas on the monthly theme and also support from fellow parents and educators!

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Transcribed by Mandy Bush, Executive Assistant