And we’re right! But building confidence in kids so they know just how incredible they truly are is really the end goal.

Incredible Kid Day is March 16 and it offers a fun way to celebrate the awesome kids in our lives. Taking time to let kids know you truly see them and love them is really impactful. Plus, it builds their self-esteem.

Maria covered how horseback riding is linked to self-esteem and I will definitely use that technique when my son is old enough.

But you don’t need a horse to ride off into the self-esteem sunset. Research shows that strengthening a sense of belonging is also proven to boost confidence. There’s no better way to do just that than with this FREE “Would You Rather” game. Print it right now and gather the family for a dose of confidence-boosting togetherness tonight!

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Some days can be downright challenging (and exhausting and exasperating and… the list goes on). It would be nice if we could eliminate frustration or lack of patience but we’re all human and the highs-and-lows of parenting are a part of life.

Here are a few tricks to try to help flip the script and keep things rolling down Happy Lane:

1.   Ask THIS magic question…

If you point blank ask your kids, “Can you pick up your bedroom?” you’ll likely hear, “Uggghhhh! Mom, do I have toooo?!”

Next time try asking this magic question: “Who wants to be my special helper for a few minutes?” 

Then watch your little helpers come running! (Try it out then comment below and tell me how it worked for you.)

2.   Next, try this trick…

Instead of saying, “Don’t throw your toys!” try framing it within a feeling statement: “It makes me sad and worried you’re going to hurt someone when you throw your toys. Please don’t throw toys.”

Of course, don’t take it so far that you’re triggering a full-on guilt trip on your kid. But framing things in the context of feelings (instead of barking commands) can make an impact and help with social-emotional skills, too. 

Over time kids will begin to learn how their actions affect other people.

3.   Sometimes “no” is not enough (especially at Target)…

Picture this… you’re at Target and your child sees a toy he really wants. You tell him no and then the whining begins. You know the name of this tune… He wants the toy. No, he really, really wants it. Why? Please! Why? No! Whaaa!

Next time you see a melt-down of this nature headed your way, try saying something like, “I know you really, really want that toy. I wish you could have it but right now we’re here to get groceries and we aren’t getting toys today.”

Addressing the desire and showing empathy (“I wish you could…”) goes a long way in acknowledging the child. And being clear that you aren’t getting the toy today is also important. (Skip the part about “maybe if you’re good…” or other mixed messages that just leave your child more upset and frustrated.)

And then quickly move on from the topic and talk about something else. Such as, “Isn’t it going to be fun when we get home and play the “Would You Rather” game?”

It’s not magic, but I think these tricks may have a magical effect on your life. What do you think?

What are some script flipping parenting tricks that work for you? Tell us in the comments below!

*** Meg Keys is an award-winning writer with nearly 20-years professional writing experience. She is fueled by her love of food, art and fluffy pets and lives in Metro Detroit with her husband and son. Find her at megkeys.com.

Script Flips Worth Flipping Over & Other Self Esteem Boosters