Maria will be going live every week, answering your questions, and today’s big question was how do you help your child with self-esteem? You can watch the 5 tips that Maria shared in the video here.

Tip #1 – Treasure and Talent. Help your child discover what they are really good at and thoroughly enjoy doing. Is it crafts? Sports? Music? Help them discover this talent and then help them find ways to hone that craft. This doesn’t have to be something that’s expensive!  The next step is to find ways for them to use this talent to help others (see it as a value!).

Tip #2 – Be a role model. If we want our children to have positive self-esteem, then we can’t be standing in front of a mirror, talking about how fat we look or how our jeans don’t fit. We need to model positive self-esteem for them!

Tip #3 – Encourage positive relationships in your child’s life (outside of their relationship with you). Be that a grandparent, teacher or coach. Encourage that relationship in your child’s life when you see it’s a positive one. It will take work on your part as the parent because you will have to make time in your child’s life for those outside relationships, but it will be worth it. These are also important because there will be times, as our children grow older, when they may not come to us with their problems and having other positive role models that they can turn to will be vital!

Tip #4 – Help your child find a way to experience their emotions. Journaling, space for quiet time, positive affirmations (teaching them this practice), and meditations are great ways to help them find peace and calm.

Tip #5 – Turn failure into an opportunity for success. As your children make mistakes and fail at something, help them see the positive in that. Help them to see what their mistake did and see what the lesson is in the midst of them. Encourage them through the process – what can they do different next time?

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Transcribed by Mandy Bush, Executive Assistant

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