Maria will be going live every other week in her author page, sharing lesson plans that teachers have created around her books. You can watch the video here.

Today’s lesson was by Chandra Dills (Teaching with Crayons and Curls) and is called Kindness Counts– which includes one of Maria’s books, The Potato Chip Champ. This lesson can be wrapped in with your math and/or curriculum!


  • Do a read aloud with the book
  • Bring in some potato chips (maybe 3-4 different types)
  • Write down what types they are on the paper that has 4 potato chip bags
  • Cut out the chip bags and put them in different areas of the room
  • Have children taste test the chips
  • Have them create a “favorite potato chips graph” by each child writing which potato chip was their favorite on the coordinating paper and then creating a graph with the results!

Remember that Maria alternates these videos between her author page and the private Empowering Kids with Character page, which provides more ideas on the monthly theme and also support from fellow parents and educators!

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Transcribed by Mandy Bush, Executive Assistant

Potato Chip Champ -