As you may know from reading my blog, each year I choose a specific WORD to focus on in all areas of my life. You can read more about this movement that inspired my own practice from Ali Edwards here. You can also hear about my one little word journeys from the past here:

2011: Peace

2012: Balance

2013 Grace

2014: Grow

2015: Content

2016: Play

2017: Connect

2018: Intentional


How did my word play into my home life? I made it a point this year to be intentional about our family time together. If I plan it, it will happen. So I did a lot of planning so we had special time both in and outside of the home. Planning for unstructured time is important too!


Part of being intentional in my business this year was planning as well.

  • I was part of a mastermind that helped keep me accountable.
  • I spoke at over a dozen new events this year by reaching out early in the year and sending in my proposals.
  • I spoke outside of Michigan at an event in Chicago and San Diego. While there, I planned meet ups with my teaching network.
  • I hired a financial support analyst who kept me accountable for my monthly business benchmarks.

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