First the holidays, then before you know it we will be ringing in the new year!

What No One Tells You About Goal Setting -

Let’s talk about the top three things people forget to mention about goals. This way, we can all make things happen for us in 2019!

#1 New Year’s Resolutions don’t work

Start by planning monthly goals. Break it down into what you need to do each week, then each day to achieve this goal. Saying you are going to do something over the course of 365 days without breaking it down will not work!!!

#2 Accountability is Key

Find someone who you can report to on how things are going or someone who will check in with you. Tell someone about your goal. Speaking of it is way better than keeping it to your self. Saying it out loud to someone makes it REAL.

#3 One thing needed: willpower

Google has all the resources you need to meet your goals. But what Google, Alexa and whoever else we are talking to that is a robot, doesn’t have? It’s willpower. Dig deep. Connect with the REASON you want to make this goal happen. Find the passion and make. it. happen. No excuses this year. Come on 2019!!!

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