Hi everyone! It’s Mandy (mother of 2 – a 5-year-old boy and a 1-year-old girl). I am blogging on Be the Difference, recapping some valuable tips from Empowering Kids With Character – The Show!

A Book That Teaches Patience - mariadismondy.com

October’s theme is Patience and on the 18th, Maria shared a book that will help you explain patience to your child(ren). You can watch the video here.

The book is called Lost in the Library: A Story on Patience and Fortitude by Josh Funk. This book is about two lion statues, named Patience and Fortitude, that are outside the entrance of the New York Public Library (bonus – you can tell your children that there are actually 2 real lion statues outside the NYPL!). The story describes how Patience is missing and Fortitude goes looking for his friend. He travels all over the library looking for Patience and this gives children an example of what the character trait, patience, looks like. In the end, Fortitude finds Patience in the children’s section reading!

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After reading the book, you can further enhance patience with your child by printing out this free printable by School Time Snippets called I Spy Zoo Animals. They’re able to count the different zoo animals, which takes time and PATIENCE!

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