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Band-Aids and Fairness - mariadismondy.com

September’s theme is FAIRNESS and on the 20th, Maria and her 4-year-old son shared a great way to explain fairness. This was adapted from a post on Michelle Hunt’s blog Teach From the Heart. You can watch the video here.


  • Band-Aids


  • Describe a hypothetical situation (or, if the opportunity arises, use a real situation!) where one child has an injury – say a boo-boo on their knee.
  • Place a band-aid on their forehead AND the forehead of any other child there.
  • Ask them if this is FAIR? Explain that being FAIR means that everyone gets the exact same thing, regardless of NEED.
  • Remove the band-aids from the foreheads and place them where they are actually NEEDED (the injured knee and if anyone else actually has a boo-boo, on that spot).
  • Explain that FAIR is when we get what we need, and sometimes that means someone else will get something we don’t get. For example: the Band-Aids. Another example that I can think of is someone gets a present when we don’t BUT it’s their birthday and not ours (this was a big one in our home a few months ago when our daughter turned 1 and our son wanted presents as well!).

I love this lesson and look forward to explaining fairness to my son in this way – I can see him grasping the concept much quicker with this explanation!!!!

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