Book Review-The Greatest Football Team of All Time -

Book Title: The Greatest Football Teams of All Time

Author: The Editors of Sports Illustrated Kids

Book Description

Covering individual teams (Hello, 1972 Miami Dolphins!) but also the best eras in famous teams’ history, such as the Patriots of the ’00s and the Steelers of the late 1970s, the editors at Sports Illustrated Kids dissect the best of the gridiron to show the whys and hows of team building, brilliant strategy, player combinations, and that special magic that the greatest teams have and which owners can’t buy—even if there weren’t a salary cap.

Player profiles, stats and records, and thrilling narratives show the march to the Super Bowl and into history of America’s favorite spectator sport. Amazing photos, insider stories, and fun facts capture the cultural phenomenon that is football in the U.S.!

The SI Kids editors won’t forget college ball! Picture the 2001 Miami Hurricanes cruising to the national title with a perfect season that was fun and full of swagger, displaying an absurd level of talent with six first-team All-Americans leading the way.

My Review

Our family is building quite the collection of books in the Sports Illustrated for Kids Series which is great because we don’t have a ton of experience (the kids and I, I am not speaking for my husband here) in sports. This book is informative, has professional illustrations and a lot of fun facts. My kids loved the little football player in the corner of each page which creates an animated visual. I do have one suggestion that is important. This book is leveled for ages 8 & up and grades 4-6. The font is really small and makes it hard for children to successfully track the words on the pages.

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