Hi everyone! It’s Mandy (mother of 2 – an almost 5-year-old boy and a 1-year-old girl). I am blogging on Be the Difference, recapping some valuable tips from Empowering Kids With Character – The Show!

How Big Is My Problem - mariadismondy.com

On August 30th, Maria gave us a visual to close out the monthly theme of problem-solving! You can watch the full video here.

This problem-solving strategy that Maria shared is this printout that helps a child visually determine how big their problem is using colors/numbers, examples and sample feelings;

#5 – RED = Stop. This is an emergency and they need a grownup.
#4 – ORANGE = Big problem and could use some grownup help.
#3 – YELLOW = Medium problem, still enlist a grownup’s help.
#2 – LIGHT GREEN = Little problem that happens often and can be solved on their own.
#1 – DARK GREEN = Small glitch or bump in the road, happens daily and solvable on their own.

Maria encourages her children that if the problem is #1-2, they need to try and solve those on their own. This helps them build their self-esteem in that they CAN solve problems on their own. If the problem is a #3-6, she advises them to definitely come find a grownup for some help.

Encourage children that finding a grownup for help in those situations is definitely necessary and it’s ok to ask for help. Grownups often as for help with problem solving as well (flat tires, broken air conditioning, etc.…).

Maria also shared that on September 1st, she is launching an Alexa Flash Briefing on positive parenting! While going about your day, you can just say “Alexa, share my briefing” and she’ll share Maria’s quick, 1 minute, briefing! It’s absolutely FREE to sign up and you can sign up:

  1. Go to your Alexa App
  2. Click on Skills
  3. Search Empowering Kids with Character
  4. Sign up (it’s free!!)
  5. Ask Alexa to read you your briefings (only ONE MINUTE A DAY!!) while you are making coffee, breakfast, etc. It’s positive information first thing in the morning!

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