Book Title: Max Goes to Jupiter

Author: Jeffrey Bennett

Book Review-Max Goes to Jupiter -

Book Description

Scientifically-accurate illustrations and information-packed sidebars enrich this fascinating tale, the third in this acclaimed series about diversity and space exploration. Set in the future, Max the Dog’s friend Tori is all grown up and is the chief scientist of the Jupiter Mission. In order to reach their spacecraft, Max and his crew must take an amazing ride on a new device called the Space Elevator. Once they’ve probed the planet’s atmosphere, Max and friends begin exploring two of Jupiter’s moons—the volcanically active moon Io and the ice-encrusted moon Europa. On Europa, Max once again saves the day by locating a weak spot in the ice to launch a submarine and explore the ocean below.

My Review

This is a story about a Rottweiler named Max who travels to the planet Jupiter. It is a picture book that is important in our current society, considering the president signed a Space Policy Directive which calls for NASA to send astronauts back to the moon. The book is filled with facts and bits of information. So much so, that is makes it a bit overwhelming for your typical parent/child story time. The book would need to be broken up into several reading sessions to get through it all. Therefore, I believe it is more appropriate for classroom teachers who use the book as teaching tool.

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