Hi everyone! I’m Mandy Bush and I am the executive assistant for Cardinal Rule Press (Maria’s publishing company). I am a mother of 2 (son and daughter) and I will be blogging on Be the Difference and will be recapping some valuable tips from Empowering Kids With Character – The Show!

Creativity Carts - mariadismondy.com

Maria showed us a great way to encourage creativity and yet keep your space somewhat organized! You can watch the full video here.

Maria shared that they have a “creativity cart” that they use for all their sewing items. She keeps these items out and accessible for her daughter when she is sewing. They found their cart at IKEA (found here). Along with the sewing theme, Maria shared some recommendations for sewing books – the “Sewing School” books as they are super child friendly. The first book is more hand sewing and the second is more towards machine sewing (you can find book 1 here and book 2 here). Maria also shared another favorite sewing book for children – Sew Mini Treats by Klutz. The book comes with 9 colors of felt, 32 yards of floss, 2 embroidery needles, 1 oz. of polyester fill, 19 paper patterns, 60 pre-cut felt eyes and cheeks!!!! A great beginner’s sewing book, in Maria’s opinion.

While Maria’s creativity cart is being used for sewing supplies, you can easily use yours for markers and other craft items. The best part, besides the organization (oh, how I love being organized!!!), is that you can roll this cart wherever you are, when you need it, and then return it to an unused corner when not needed! It’s perfect! ?

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