You have great plans for an epic road trip with your family but one thing is uncertain, how will the kids do? Whether it’s a five hour trip up north or a ten hour trip across state, you can never tell how the kids will do because, low and behold, they are their own people!

How to Take a Road Trip with Your Children -

Every summer I take the kids on a road trip for a week. We have experienced some ups and downs (being pulled over on the expressway with three screaming children, nursing a baby on the side of the road, changing an explosive diaper in the back of my car, and so on and so on!)

I am here, as a mama of three who tries her best but knows that sometimes that isn’t enough, to share some of my tried and true tips on traveling with kiddos!

Tip#1 Prepare Ahead of Time

  • Plan ahead. Begin a few weeks ahead of time so that it doesn’t feel so overwhelming. Designate an area in your home to start collecting things for the trip.
  • Packing list. Make a list and check it twice. This will help ensure your success to packing and remember, you can always pick something up along the way if you NEED to!
  • Maps. I like to print out a map from google for my oldest daughter. She follows along and marks off our path. It helps reduce the question “Are we almost there yet?” For my younger children- I put sticky notes on the dashboard of a few milestones during the trip. Once we hit the milestone, I throw the sticky not away. It’s a wonderful visual for them to see our progress!

Tip #2 Allow Plenty of Extra Time

  • Anything can happen with kids. Leave yourself plenty of time so you are not stressed and therefore, you don’t take it out on your kids!!

Tip #3 Snacks, Games and More!

  • There are so many fun games for road trips over on Pinterest. Plan ahead and print a few off for your kids. Each of our kids get a folder and some writing utensils. When they were I would give them stickers to play with (remind them that stickers go on clothing and paper and NO WHERE ELSE!!! Here are a few of my favorite travel games:
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How to Take a Road Trip with Your Children2

  • Road Trip I-Spy
  • Kids Travel Binder Kit
  • More Games
  • Snacks are key. You can save time and money here by packing a small cooler of lunches and healthy snacks. For the younger travelers, we’ve made snack necklaces that provide a fun element to filling your tummy!
  • Movies. I am a big supporter of limiting screentime. However I know that a long trip can be grueling. We go to our local library the day before the trip and rent a mix of videos. Educational, check! Fun, check! Classics, check! Books on video (they make those!) check! We also pick out an audiobook for the ride plus I make a fun playlist for us to listen to once we lose our local stations!

Tip #4 Have FUN!

  • Pack a few essentials to ensure good times. Toilet paper, paper towel, plastic bags, hand sanitizer, kleenex and lotion.
  • I’ll tell you what, these trips are what memories are made of! Make the most of it. Last year, we spotted a field of sunflowers off an exit from the highway. Hundreds and hundreds of tall, bright, yellow sunflowers. We pulled off and snapped a few photos in front of the field. It was truly breathtaking. Remember the scenery is all part of the experience!

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