Hi everyone! I’m Mandy Bush and I am the executive assistant for Cardinal Rule Press (Maria’s publishing company). I am a mother of 2 (son and daughter) and I will be blogging on Be the Difference and will be recapping some valuable tips from Empowering Kids With Character – The Show!

Sidewalk Chalk - mariadismondy.com

On June 7th, Maria started out the month of June with some fun ideas for PLAY! You can watch the full video here.


  • Chalk
  • Some fun ideas from Pinterest to get you and your children’s imagination going (like this one)
  • Finger-paint and finger-paint paper (I didn’t even know that there was a thing such as finger-paint paper!)
  • Play-Doh


  • Get outside and have some fun!

Maria shared some fun tips for us in this video. What do you think of when you hear the word “play”? Do you cringe? I think we, as adults, need to play more!! Just basic things, such as chalk and finger-painting can be so much fun and help us bond with our children.

If you’re like me, you might have a BIT of anxiety (ok, I have a LOT) at the thought of finger-painting and Play-Doh indoors. I mean, it can get ALL OVER. But Maria had a great suggestion! She takes these items outdoors in the summer! How brilliant! Keep a bucket of water and a towel next to the finger-paints for the children to wash their hands. Keep the Play-Doh in the grass (on a table or a sheet/blanket) and any that fall will be in the grass, not your carpet! Why haven’t I thought of these before? I’m excited to break out the fun activities now that there’s less anxiety about the huge mess that is normally there, when it’s indoors!

Here’s to a month of introducing more PLAY!!!!

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