You KNOW what is right around the corner….summer fun!
Some parents dread months on end at home with their children, some live for it and then there are those that are in between, like me. I love the lazy days of summer until the children are bored and start bickering with each other. I’ve found that having a plan is important and reduces mama feeling frustrated!

Here are my top tips to Super Charge Your Summer

  1. Start with a calendar-get out a blank calendar and write down all of the trips, appointments and camps you have scheduled. Next, start looking for dates for the free things your children may enjoy like kid concerts, magicians at the library, etc. I have these down in the calendar in PENCIL. These are great for the days when you know by 10am that you and the kids may need to get out and about to stay sane 🙂
  2. Bucket List-sit down with your children and ask THEM what they want to do as well as what they want to learn. Summer is a great time to spend energy on tricky life skills like learning to ride a bike or how to water ski. Make a list and add what you want as well as what your partner may want to do during the summer too!
  3. Think Variety. Think LESS is MORE-I try to mix up time inside with time outside. As wonderful as the weather is here in Michigan, it’s important to get out of the sun or have a plan for rainy days. Local museums are a fun option, libraries too! Our local movie theater has free movies once a month in the summer. Total bonus to save $30 plus be in air conditioning on a hot day. Also, try to avoid too many camps. Think of how you feel when you are constantly on the go. Kids want lazy days at home in the summer. They want to play with their friends and let their brains take a break from organized activities.
  4. When the days feel LONG…
    • watch old videos of your children when they were little-reminisce on how fast time is flying and how precious your time together truly is.
    • have a summer bridge book on hand. I think it’s important for children to continue reading and writing in the summer months to avoid the summer slide.
    • participate in Christmas in July. Play holiday music, make homemade cards, ornaments and gifts for family to give away in December since you have the time NOW.
    • RAKS-give back to others through random acts of kindness. Host a sandwich making party or a cereal drive to donate meals to a homeless shelter.

Remember to have fun! A woman once told me when you think about how many more summers you have until your child goes off to college, it really puts it into perspective (I only have 9 summers left with my oldest!) Slow down, have a plan and don’t miss out on creating special memories with your children.

Super Charge Your Family Summer -

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