Book Title: The Gorilla Picked Me!

Author: Michele McAvoy Illustrator: Valentina Carboni

Book Review-The Gorilla Picked Me! -

Book Synopsis:

Little Olive felt ordinary, always picked last for teams at recess and never a valentine placed on her desk. Until one day at a dance with her daddy she is picked from the crowd by the dancing gorilla. It is at that moment that she realizes -no little girl is plain.

The Gorilla Picked Me! is a fun and sentimental story about little Olive’s single defining moment when she realizes, no little girl is plain!

My Review:

This story has a sweet twist that gives an ordinary girl the boost she needs to realize she is extraordinary. It’s a wonderful reminder that the little things we do for our children, can make a big impact in their world and their self-esteem. Written in rhyme with a mix of sketch and watercolor illustrations (don’t digitally which is really neat), this book is suitable for children (and adults) of all ages. We look forward to more titles from this author!!!

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