For the next few months, I am going to do a brief recap of some powerful parenting (with educational topics) books I’ve read.
Sometimes reading quotes from books helps shift my mindset on certain topics and gets me focused on what’s really important when raising children.

Book Title: Only Love Today

Author: Rachel Macy Stafford

Parenting Book Review-Only Love Today -

Book Synopsis:

In her new book, Only Love Today, Rachel Macy Stafford shares simple words of inspiration – both new content and pieces from her popular blog The Hands Free Revolution – in a format to help listeners begin or end their day by focusing on what matters most.

My Review:

Only Love Today is a non dated devotional. It sits in my nightstand for me to pull out every now and then as a healthy reminder to live in the moment during these magical years as a parent to young children. I truly treasure this book.

Top Ten Quotes:

      1. “This journey is not about what happened yesterday; it is about the choices I make today.”
      2. “When there is love to be given, I will resist the impulse to decide if I have time, because I know there is always, always time for love.”
      3. “It is not always possible for me to choose love in the midst of challenging situations, but I can definitely try to soften—soften my voice, my touch, my opinion, and my timetable.”
      4. “If it’s love, those tears are a sign of distress, not an act of defiance. If it’s love, her bold fashion statement is something to be celebrated, not criticized. If it’s love, his mistakes are evidence of trying and learning, not simply messes to clean up. If it’s love, her slow pace is a reflection of her “stop and smell the roses” approach to life, not a time waster. If it’s love, his early morning wake-ups are something he’ll outgrow, not a plot to exhaust us. If it’s love, her poor choice is a chance to respond thoughtfully, not give a knee-jerk reaction. If it’s love, our voice has a little more calm; our eyes have a little more perspective; our hands have a little more gentleness. We won’t always choose love. We are human, after all. But when we choose love over anger, hurry, condemnation, shame, and sarcasm, there is space for goodness to enter the conversation. When love speaks, we are all better heard. When love looks, we are all better seen. Let us look and speak love today.
      5. “Being responsible for someone’s childhood is a big deal. We not only create our own memories, but we create our child’s memories.”
      6. “Only Love Today—is clarity when you’re conflicted.
        Only Love Today—is unity when you’re divided.
        Only Love Today—is faith when you’re uncertain.
        Only Love Today—is a reset button directing you back to what matters most.”
      7. “Only Love Today. These three words have the power to resuscitate your heart, your home, your relationship, your dreams, and this precious God-given day before you.”
      8. “Today I will choose love. If I mistakenly choose distraction, perfection, criticism, or negativity over love, I will choose love next. I will choose love until it becomes my default choice… my gut instinct… my natural reaction. I will choose love until it becomes who I am.
      9. “Letting go of “perfect”brings freedom, peace, love, and acceptance to ourselves and to those who follow in our footsteps.”
      10. “When we see each other’s scars, we love each other more.”

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