Hi everyone! I’m Mandy Bush and I am the online business manager for Cardinal Rule Press (Maria’s publishing company). I am a mother of 2 (son and daughter) and I will be blogging on Be the Difference and will be recapping some valuable tips from Maria’s new show, Empowering Kids With Character – The Show!

Story Time and Empathy - mariadismondy.com

On March 22, Maria shared how to very easily discuss empathy during story time with our children. You can watch the full video here.

Maria does this by reading books to the children and while doing so, reviewing some different printables (found here, here and here) that show MANY different feelings. For example, Maria readthe book “My No NoNo Day” by Rebecca Patterson. Maria then used these printed sheets to show her son the different feelings that may be close to the normal 3 feelings that children use – mad, sad and happy.

Using the printed sheets makes it easier for children to understand the feelings and what they look like!
As Maria read portions of the book, she asked her son what he thinks the character is feeling. Then she would look at the printable and find a face that was close to what her son thought the character was feeling but expounded a little more on the feeling!

Maria advised you don’t have to use so many different feelings when reading one story, but you can incorporate some of the more advanced ones each time you read.I think I’ll laminate one of the sheets and keep it in a central location so that my son can easily point to the feeling he has, at any given time, and we can discuss it!

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