Book Review: The Adventures of Mr. Distracted, Book One

Author: Tammi Landry-Gilder Illustrator: Charity Russell

Book Review-The Adventures of Mr. Distracted, Book One -

About the Author:

Tammi lives in West Bloomfield, Michigan with her husband, two sons, two hound dogs, one bearded dragon, too many fish in a tank to count, and a missing (now presumed deceased), red-bellied toad. She enjoys volunteering, traveling, reading, and of course, writing. You can find out more about her at

Book Description:

It’s not easy being a ten-year-old kid with focusing issues, a bully constantly after you, a crush on a girl who thinks you’re a dork, a grumpy dad, a weird grandma, a smarter big brother, and a mom who wants to feed you healthy weeds and grass all the time. But I not only survive, I learn how to use my best qualities, and even some of my faults, to overcome obstacles, take down evil, rescue humanity, and basically, save the world. As my dad always says, “It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.”

That someone is me.

I am Mr. Distracted, and I’m ready to kick some butts.

Wanna join me? Let’s go!

My Review:

This book is a quick, humorous tale of a boy who has many obstacles to over come. The main character is a distracted boy who has a lot on his plate and describes his day to day drama in such witty ways that it had me laughing out loud! LOL! Today there is a major focus on mindset and I think this book could be used as a read aloud in upper elementary classrooms and lessons on perseverance and determination can be taught to go beyond this book. Overall, the book is well written, the character is properly developed as the story progresses and I recommend it.

Disclaimer-Maria was provided with a review copy of this book to create this honest review.