Book Review: Olivia’s Potty Adventures!

Authors: Terreece M. Clarke Illustrator Seitu Hayden

Book Review-Olivia's Potty Adventures! -

Join Olivia as she hosts tea parties, swashbuckles with pirates, goes into outer space, wrestles and dances all while trying to remember what to do when she has that feeling down below telling her she’s got to go.

Olivia has taken on many challenges in her 2 1/2 years – holding up her head and smiling at her parents. Sitting up. Feeding herself and learning to talk. Walking – that was a big one! She’s always up for new adventures – when she’s not blocked by the babygate.

Now comes one of the biggest adventures of her young life – learning how to use the potty!

Olivia’s Potty Adventures helps bring fun and adventure to potty training. Through brilliant color illustrations and light-hearted and fun rhyming text, Olivia learns not only about the process of potty training, but learns about what it feels like when it’s time to use the potty.

Olivia’s Potty Adventures is an excellent book to introduce the concept of toilet training to young children and features a diverse, African American lead character.

My Review:

Olivia’s Potty is a new spin on book to teach and encourage independence, especially in the bathroom! The illustrations are vividly colorful and the character Olivia is depicted in a lovely way. The best part of this exciting story is the adventure aspect. I love that Olivia has such fun while learning to be independent. This independence is possible with the support and trust of parents to allow their children to grow and explore. A fantastic addition to the list of potty books out there. I expect to see this one at the top of the list!

Disclaimer-Maria was provided with a review copy of this book to create this honest review.