Three Things Thursday December -

Welcome to this quarter’s blog series, Three Things Thursday!

I am here to share just THREE things that I am into right now to enhance my world as wife, mom and work from home business owner.

Feel free to reach out at any time if you have any questions about the information I share. I got this idea from the awesome newsletter I receive each week from Mama Natural. Such a great idea for busy women!

1. Holiday thank you cards

I think it’s an important skill for our children to learn early on that we pay gratitude and thank others for the generous gifts they give us. We do this as a writing activity and create thank you cards. Early on, have your child draw a picture, then sign their name, add the name of the gift and finally fill out the cards on their own. We love using cards that are often times free when they offer 10 FREE card promotions.

Holiday Cards

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2. Holiday Meme

Hang in there everyone. It’s a busy and often times stressful time of year!

Holiday Meme

3. Favorite Instagram Influencers

Most of you who read my blog are parents. I wanted to share a few o fly favorite people to follow on Instagram. When to I use Instagram? I usually post through out the day on both my business page and personal page. In the evenings, after I put the kids to bed, I like to browse Facebook and Instagram for about 30 minutes before Dave and I spend time together or I read my book.

  • Kelle Hampton @etst
  • Erin Chase @5dollardinners
  • Dallas Clayton @dallasclayton
  • Becky @cleanmama
  • Llana Wiles @averageparentproblems

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