Book Review: Listening with My Heart

Author Gabi Garci Illustrator  Ying Hui Tan

Book Review-Listening with My Heart (cover) -

Book Description:

When Esperanza finds a heart-shaped rock, she sees it as a reminder to spread kindness and love in the world. But when the school play doesn’t go the way she’d imagined, will she remember to give it to herself?

In today’s hypercompetitive world, kids often internalize the message that their worth is attached to their accomplishments and that messing up is something to be ashamed of, rather than a normal part of life, which can lead to critical self-talk.

Listening with My Heart reminds us of the other golden rule—to treat ourselves like we would treat a friend. When we do this, we are practicing self-compassion.

Listening with My Heart is a beautifully illustrated book that touches on the universal themes of kindness, empathy and self-compassion. It includes kid-friendly self-compassion / mindfulness exercises.

My Review: 

Listening with my Heart is a story all children need to hear. The little girl in the story, Esperanza, pays attention to her body when it signals to her that something is wrong. There are several examples of disappointment that she is faced with, so typically for children as they journey through life. In this beautifully illustrated story, Esperanza navigates childhood ups and downs and discovers that loving ourselves is just as important as loving others.

This book also includes activities that can be done to support and teach the concept of loving ourselves and being mindful of our feelings. Kind words, also known as affirmations, play a large part in the story, there is a journal prompt for children to come up with their own loving phrases to read to themselves.

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Extras: Listening with My Heart-A Discussion and Activity Guide

Book Review-Listening with My Heart by Gabi Garcia -

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