Book Review: Wakem the Rooster: Up All Night

Author David FitzSimmons Illustrator Richard Cowdrey

Book Review-Wakem the Rooster Up All Night (cover) -

Book Description:

Wakem the rooster sings beautifully. He can’t, however, stop crowing, including late into the night. When Wakem’s days and nights become mixed up, the raucous rooster is awake long past bedtime—waking everybody up! While cat and dog offer great tips for improved sleep, it’s owl’s clever twist on counting sheep that saves the day for Wakem and his barnyard friends

My Review: 

Cock-a-doodle-doo! This is a story of a rooster, Waxem, who has his sleep schedule all mixed up! He is up all night and sleeps all day. A rooster plays an important role on a farm, waking the animals, but in this silly story, he’s also messed with their sleep schedule too! The entire barn of animals are tired from being off. Bringing a timeless topic of farm life to modern day activities made me smile reading this story. For example, Wakem asks a car for advice who suggests yoga and meditation! The classic “counting sheep” is the strategy that saves the day, suggested by the wise old owl!

The story keeps you on your toes, guessing what may happen next. The illustrations are fantastic and detailed. You can feel Waken’s belly shaking with laughter when looking at the clever artwork.

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Book Review-Wakem the Rooster Up All Night by David Fitzsimmons -

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