My Incredible Talking Body

Author: Rebecca Bowen

My Incredible Talking Body by Rebecca Bowen -

Book Description:

My Incredible Talking Body: Learning to Be Calm is a beautifully illustrated picture book created to help children understand emotions and how to manage them. This book focuses on cultivating mindfulness of the body s signals about feelings, encouraging acceptance of all types of emotions, and developing strategies for calming strong or uncomfortable feelings. Included in the book is a learning guide designed especially for parents, educators, counselors, and other adults that are supporting children as they build skills to manage their emotions.

My Review:

Learning about our body and how it reacts to certain situations is such an important skill for children to learn. This book teaches children in a simple, yet clear way that our feelings can be shown in ways that our body responds. It then gives examples to children on how they can react to those feelings in a healthy way without hurting others. Great story that I would recommend to teachers and parents. Lessons on self-control, feelings and behaviors can all be taught after using this book as a mentor text in the classroom.


Author: Stephanie Baruffi

Clarence by Stephanie Baruffi -

Book Description:

Clarence is the story of an Italian boy who doesn’t look like the rest of his dark-haired, dark-skinned family. He is quiet and shy and cannot understand why his family is so loud! Most of all, Clarence feels left out at school because the kids tease him about his big ears. They bully him and taunt him because he doesn’t look like the rest of them, or so they think! This story reflects the feelings we all can have when we don’t think we fit in. It demonstrates that with a little “reflection” we can all discover that we are beautifully and wonderfully made!

My Review:

This is a lovely story that takes you inside the life of an Italian family. There are traditions to be shared and stories that are told. Children can relate to Clarence and his story of being teased because his ears are different. I would recommend this book not only to a parent but to teachers. Themes on teasing, acceptance, empathy and traditions can all be taught while using this book as a mentor text. The book is on the longer side so I would suggest breaking it up into 2-3 readings at home and in a classroom setting. The pictures are on the smaller side so using a smart board or elmo projector will enhance the experience for the children to see the authentic art from an artist in Italy.